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At Jim's Towing you can help you with your towing service needs. Let us tell you what to look for in a towing service. You need a towing service company that is both fast and reliable. But you will also need one that is professional enough not damage your vehicle and one that you would feel safe during transportation. Another reminder from Jim's towing is that you will need a towing service company that has all type of tow trucks that will best transport your vehicle. Your vehicle may need a standard tow truck or a flatbed hauler or even heavier equipment. For most of your towing needs a standard local towing company will do. Jim's towing reminds you that there's more than just towing available. Roadside service is another key aspect to the towing industry. One is helping you with being locked out your car. In other is servicing a dead battery, or even just running out of gas. These are the extra services that a towing truck can help you. There's also long distant towing which is transporting a vehicle more than 150 miles to its intended destination. Not all towing companies will be able to do long-distance towing. And there also is heavy-duty towing. If you own a diesel truck or large commercial vehicles that need to be towed, you will need to use a heavy-duty wrecker. Not all towing companies have a heavy-duty towing wrecker on-call. And remember that not all towing has to do with cars and trucks. Often times people will look to a towing service to move something like a boat. Your local towing company often can provide you tips on places to get your vehicle repaired, and suggestions on storage if needed. At Jim's towing .com we encourage people to make sure that the tow truck service they use hires trained and certified tow truck drivers, and carries proper safety equipment. Always stay well clear of any road hazards while waiting for your tow truck to arrive. Safety first, Jim's towing .com